Fresh ice-cream

It’s hot, hot, hot, wherever you are in France (and probably elsewhere) we are dripping, sweating, swimming, hiding in the fridge or in front of ventilos. To cool off a bit, here are some ideas of refreshing ice-cream!

Ice Roll

What: an ice cream shaped in rolls , prepared in front of you!

Where: La Javelle, Port de Javel Bas – 75015 Paris
Every Sunday from 12:30 to 7:30 p.m.

How much: € 4


Les éclairs glacés

What: The éclair ice-cream is available in several tastes, with its playful packaging. We love the pecan vanilla : Madagascar vanilla ice cream, almond praline with chocolate frosting and caramelized pecan nuts.

Where: Eclair de Génie
32 rue Notre Dame des Victoires – 75002 Paris
14 rue Pavée - 75004 Paris
13 rue de l’Ancienne Comedie – 75006 Paris

How much: € 6.50



What: The oldest traditional glacier from Paris (since 1947) offers sorbets and ice-creams – rather classic but delicious – either cones to take-away or huge iced desserts to eat in their shop. Special mention to the lemon-basil sorbet, almond syrup-almond milk and three spices ice-creams.

Where: 63 boulevard Reuilly – 75012 Paris
every day from 10:30 to 22:00
or on their e-shop

How much: double scoop for 5 €


La Martinière

What: On the Ile de Ré, since 1970, La Martinière declines incredible scents like oyster-caviar, camembert-cherry or viagra ?! Sorbets have also associations that makes you want to just stay there forever: strawberry-combawa, coconut-pineapple-hibiscus or jasmine-nectarine, all in super pretty packaging.

Where: 17 quai de La Poithevinière – 17 410 St Martin de Ré
From 10:30 to 22:00

How much: double scoop for € 3.40


La Fabrique givrée

What: I discovered one of the 3 accomplices behind the project (Hugues, Martin and Jeremie Runel , the finalist of “Who will be the next great pastry chef?”) at the Omnivore festival. Their credo: search for the best products of the season, and collaborate with farmers in their region. Their website is as beautiful and original as their creations. Completely frosted !

Where: 3 Place de l’ Hôtel de Ville – 07200 Aubenas
and 27 place des Herbes – 30700 Uzes
From 11 am to 22:00

How much: from 2 to 8 € for ice cream / 6.50 to 16.50 € for inventive sundaes



Fennel, saffron and artichoke risotto


Here is a simple recipe, while I prepare some fresher ideas to endure this national heatwave!

The Ingredients (for 2-4 people)

1 cup arborio rice
1 fennel
some marinated artichokes
1 dose of saffron
1 piece of Parmesan cheese
1 stock cube
1/2 glass of white wine
1 onion

The Recipe

  1. Cut the onion finely and fry in a pan with olive oil until translucent.
  2. Add the rice, and cook the same way, until it is transparent.
  3. Add the wine and let it evaporate.
  4. Pour two cups of water mixed with the stock cube and saffron.
  5. Add the finely chopped fennel.
  6. Cook over low heat until the water evaporates, stirring gently very often.
  7. Add the artichokes with Parmesan cheese at the end, stir and serve.

Le Pas Sage

Everyone told me about this place and I can now finally say that I tried it. Tested, approved, loved it.
Nestled in the bustling Saint-Denis street, at the beginning of the cute passage Grand Cerf, this bistro – and its recently opened wine bar – offers a menu for 35 € (or 55 € for large appetites). In the kitchen, the very young chef Julien Kervien who trained at the Atelier Robuchon, creates dishes as beautiful as paintings, made of unusual flavors and fresh ingredients. Since the starters, my taste buds were conquered by the fennel pannacotta and tomato cream, I dream of making it at home again since then. As for the actual entrée, the creamy bisque, salicornia and raw langoustine is surprising ; then comes the main, the duck breast, with its hibiscus candied turnips and fried renkon, excellent. The desserts are also delicious, whether the crepe suzette with oranges and timut pepper or the beautiful plate of strawberries, red bean paste and matcha. Anyway, I will definitely go back, especially to try that tempting burger with black pudding sausage for lunch!

Le Pas Sage
1 Passage du Grand Cerf
75002 Paris IMG_3068IMG_3267IMG_3069IMG_3268IMG_3269IMG_3270

Strüdel in 5 minutes


I love strudels, that cake from Central Europe (Austria, Germany, Hungary …) filled with apples and raisins. My recipe is super easy and super quick to make!

I take this opportunity to introduce you to a ceramic brand that I love: Jars. The factory which is located Anneyron near Valence, was founded in 1857 by Pierre Jars, who passed on his passion for the sandstones from generation to generation. Sandstone is a mixture of clays cooked at 1280°C, which makes it one of the most solid ceramics. Jars designed several collections as beautiful as each other. I particularly like the irregularity and the color of these plates in the collection Garden Maguelone (Betterave and Ginger shown here). On their website you can find the points of sale where you can found their ceramics, in Paris you can for example head to Merci ou the Conran Shop. I will soon feature other collections, in the meantime you can also see the Cantine plates in my recipes: black radish carpaccio, kale salad, or my stuffed squids! I can’t wait for you to discover as well their factory, which I will visit soon!

The Ingredients

- 1 filo or puff pastry
- 2 or 3 large Boskoop apples
- half a lemon
- 1 tbsp ground cinnamon
- 2 tbsp walnuts or pecans
- 50g sugar
- a few drops of bitter almond extract
- 1 tbsp candied fruit (orange peel …) – optional
- some melted butter or 1 egg yolk

The Recipe

1. Peel the apples, cut into small dice. Mix with sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, bitter almond.
2. If you wish, you can pre-soak the raisins in rum. If not directly add to the mix.
3. In a dish or cake mold, place the round pastry, and then the apples inside, and roll.
4. Brush all over with melted butter or egg yolk.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 25 minutes, until the cake is golden brown.
6. Serve warm with powdered sugar sprinkled on it.

Mother’s Day’s wishlist

If we might think that Mother’s Day is another marketing invention to fill the pockets of florists, jewelers and other shops, it is actually a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece, during which people celebrated Rhea, the mother of all gods. Even the Romans celebrated mothers and women in the Vth century BC! In France, it was Napoleon who decided to establish Mother’s Day but it is Marshal Petain who formalized it in the the calendar in 1941, so here’s for the story! However France is the only country to celebrate it on the last Sunday of May whereas the US celebrates it on the second Sunday of the month, like most of the rest of the world. But why is that might you say? Well simply because that Sunday is officially reserved to celebrate Jeanne D’Arc. Okay, now let’s get serious… here is my selection of treats and other gifts that will delight your moms.


1. Roiboos and raspberry cake - Hugo & Victor

2. Rolling pin - Anthropologie

3. Glove - Liberty

4. Apron - La cerise sur le gâteau au Bon Marché

5. Thermos - Urban Outfitters

6. Box Blossom - La Thé Box

7. Lovely cake - Lenôtre


Haagen-Dazs retro tennis balls

Did you know that the tennis balls were always white? They changed to a fluorescent yellow in the 1970s only to be more visible on TV! On the occasion of Roland Garros, and to pay tribute to the heyday of tennis players of the seventies, Häagen-Dazs created those Retro Balls, an original dessert made of a yuzu heart, macaron shell, coated with a Yuzu Citrus ice Cream & Cream and white chocolate.

How much: 10 € set of 3 balls

Where: in exclusivity in the shop on 49-51 avenue des Champs Elysees, 75008 Paris

When: from May 19 to June 7, 2015

Les Balles Rétro by Häagen-Dazs 1Les Balles Rétro by Häagen-Dazs 2Les Balles Rétro by Häagen-Dazs 3