Beetroot cold soup – Chłodnik


This recipe is a variation of the typical Polish bortsch, called Chłodnik. This is a kind of gazpacho that you can enjoy in summer for example. It is much faster to do than the typical borscht! It can be accompanied by boiled eggs, fresh dill, radishes, and sour cream. The pretty plates are from Jars – that’s the Plume collection – which I already told you about here.

This is a version I completely improvised, feel free to send me your typical Polish recipes if you have some! Chlodnik is normally constituted of fermented milk which I replaced by liquid light cream.

The Ingredients (for 2 large bowls)

- 1 raw beetroot
- a celery stalk with leaves
- 1 clove garlic
- 1 stock cube
- 1 teaspoon ground cumin
- some coriander seeds
- fresh dill
- 1 lemon
- a tablespoon of olive oil
- salt pepper
- 1 or 2 eggs

The Recipe

1. Peel the beetroot, cut into pieces.
2. In a large saucepan, place beets, peeled garlic clove,  celery, stock cube and cover with water.
3. Bring to a boil and cook over medium heat until the beetroot is cooked.
4. Mix the vegetables. Add the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
5. Serve with boiled eggs and fresh dill. If the taste is too strong for you, you can add 10cl of liquid cream to soften.


Some time ago, I was invited to discover Kialatok cooking classes, where one can discover world cuisines and cultures, from Brazil to China or the Ivory Coast. During the workshop, you can lear to cook for example Chinese New Year specialties like dim sums, these famous ravioli stuffed with shrimp and bamboo shoots, or pork, leek and ginger, a real treat. You can also get familiar with the main products of Chinese cuisine, or also perfect yourself with the ravioli folding technique, which is not the most easy to master! The workshops are led by passionate cooks from different cultures, such as Margot Zhang, author of the blog of a Recettes d’une Chinoise. A true gastronomic journey in Paris!

Kialatok-1 Kialatok-2 Kialatok-3 Kialatok-4 Kialatok-5 Kialatok-6 Kialatok-7 Kialatok-8

How much : from 44 to 69 euros
How long : about 3 hours
When : The calendar is availables on Kialatok
Where :
74 Rue Philippe de Girard
75018 Paris


100% barbecue



It’s not because it’s gettin (really) cold that we have to stop barbecuing right?

1. How beautiful is this Mon oncle portable charcoal barbecue with its retro look, and it even comes in three colors. Super chic, made of metal and leather, it prevails at the beach, in the garden or in the countryside, or even on our terrace !  ⤖ 270€

2. This bible from Larousse signed by Jamie Purviance contains almost 200 bbq recipes ⤖ 22,90€

3. On the D8 channel, we can watch the Kings of Barbecue and get inspired by the candidates recipes

4. At Crate & Barrel, let’s buy this burger meat press and play like a pro ⤖ 23,38€

5. This ketchup from Oliviers & Co created by Olivier Streiff (Top Chef) is perfect to accompany your skewers ⤖ 9,90€

6. The brasserie Auteuil has a beautiful and huge terrace, on which is organized a barbecue every Tuesday night, in collaboration with Weber barbecues. On the menu: prime rib, pork to die for – unctuous to perfection, skewers, served with parsley potatoes and chimichurri sauce. And for dessert, you can even enjoy an apple crumble cooked in the barbecue! Special mention to the lovely place, decorated with great care, concrete walls and large wicker lamps floating  from the ceiling with hanging plants ⤖ Menu 35€

Kale tempura


The Ingredients

- a few leaves of kale
- 1 egg
- 150ml of very cold water (cooled with ice)
- 100g wheat flour T45

The Recipe

1. In a bowl, mix the beaten egg and add cold water and wheat flour.
2. Wash the kale and dry it. Cut the leaves and remove the large stems.
3. In a saucepan or wok, preheat a large volume of oil to 180°C (or use a deep fryer if you have one)
4. Dip the kale in the dough, dip it in oil, then remove it when it floats on the surface.
5. Degrease it on absorbant paper.

Porte 12

Porte12With copper details, from the door to the upholstery buttons, to the lamps and pieces inlaid into the wooden tables, nothing is left to chance in this jewel hidden in an alley of the 10th arrondissement, designed by the studio Rare. Even the blue chairs associated with that copper touch find itself declined on the beautiful graphic identity of the restaurant, on their website or their beautiful business cards. Inside, under the glass roof that floods the room with light, you can taste the amazing dishes of the very creative Vincent Crépel, who worked around the world (Switzerland , Singapore , …) with, among others, Philippe Rochat, who sadly passed away last month. The dishes are marked by a infinite poetry, the mix of textures (crunchy chips, fine powder, jelly …) is exploding under the taste buds, and leave the aftertaste of an incredible culinary and visual experience.


egg yolk marmalade on a parmesan crisp, watercress chips (shame, the corn will be only decorative)


a very cute garden with radish with cocoa and garlic crumble, smoked espuma: stunning blend  (shame there wasn’t more than one radish)

Porte12-03fresh peas and carrots, avocado, trefles, a pure delight

Porte12-04popcorn fried shrimp head / shrimp, Chinese bread and parmesan crust

Porte12-05cooked-to-perfection-pollock, incredible reduced juice of ginger orange and carrot, orach, Chinese cabbage and zucchini, tapioca chips

Porte12-06candied confit pigeon, cherry and jelly, gnocchis, amaranth


because I’m not a chocolate fan, I had a special dessert which was an amazing revisited lemon tart, and also a fabulous sponge cake – probably the best I ever had – with strawberries and a sort of cream cheese


The highlight of the meal, this beet sorbet – completely crazy and impossible to photograph because it was covered with black powder in a black bowl!

Porte 12
12 Rue Des Messageries
75010 Paris

12h00 – 14h00 / Tuesday to Friday
19h00 – 22h00 / Tuesday to Saturday

Menus : 28-35 € (lunch) and 58-65 € (dinner)

Lemon, mint and coconut cocktail


That’s it, heat is coming back – to my delight – and here’s a super refreshing recipe of a virgin cocktail for the occasion!

The Ingredients ( for 1 glass)

– about fifteen fresh mint leaves
- 1/2 lemon
- 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey
- 1 small piece of ginger
- 33cl of coconut water or 15cl water + 15cl of coconut water

The Recipe
1. Place all ingredients in a blender and mix.
2. Serve chilled with ice, decorate with edible flowers if you have any.