Rainbow bagels

After culinary inventions such as cronut, dosant and duffin, have you heard of the rainbow bagels? Well actually it’s not really a new thing because this New York shop has been manufacturing them for… 20 years! One could almost believe its an invention of Willy Wonka. These multicolored bagels obviously take a lot longer to make than ordinary ones (100 rainbows in 5 hours instead of 1000 regular) but Scott Rossillo, Bagel Store‘s owner, is a real passionate and has made ​​a good deal making them. So, how about a rainbow bagel with confetti cream cheese, anyone?

Bagel Store

349 Bedford Ave


754 Metropolitan Ave

New York

Rainbow bagel: 3,95$


Good gone bad

In her colorful photo series called Good gone bad, Vanessa McKneown uses everyday objects with a touch of humour, turning brocolis into cupcakes or cauliflower into sundaes. The young talented artist studied graphic design and communication at the Chelsea College of Arts. You can even follow her crazy adventure on Instagram.



Bistro Paradis

In the heart of the lively 10th arrondissement, the Bistro Paradis just opened its doors, run by the friendly Yoann Dinh. In the kitchen, the chef Alexandre Furtado, who worked among other with Ducasse in London or at the café Constant in Paris, treats us to amazing meals. His dishes are tinted with delicacy and exotic notes, reminiscence of his Brazilian origins, like this tender salmon with combava, ginger and lemongrass. We also revel in the beef ravioli of the day with their crunchy vegetables, or the roasted quail and its smooth gravy sauce. As for desserts, the seductive Belle -Hélène pear is completely regressive, just like the lemon pie with ginger caramel. 

Bistro Paradis
55 rue de Paradis
75010 Paris

Lunch menu: 23€
Entrées: 11-16€
Mains: 18-29€
Desserts: 7-8€


Berries bundt cake

I got a pretty copper cake mold and I was so eager to try a bundt cake in it… And as winter fruits depress me (no choice ! Apple or orange, orange or apple?!), I slipped frozen red berries in it!

The Ingrédients

- 3 eggs
- 100g flour
- 100g buckwheat flour
- 100g sugar
- 50g nut powder
- 50g almond powder
- 100g butter
- 30cl milk or soy milk
- 10g baking powder
- 250g frozen berries

The Recipe

1. Preheat your oven at 180°C (T6)
2. Melt the butter.
3. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar.
4. Add the flours, nut and almond powders, baking powder and the milk.
5. Beat the egg whites and add them slowly.
6. Add the berries in then pour the mixture into a buttered and flour mold.
7. Bake for about 40 minutes (check with a knife).

Mc Donald’s new packaging

McDonald’s is launching its new packaging line. The agency Boxer chose to capitalize on huge colorful letters and the fast-food’s icons, as if the cups, burger boxes and paper bags became mobile billboards. To celebrate this launch, two students from the Miami International University of Art and Design (Pablo Machado and Ricardo Hardouin) staged the new packagings creating fashion accessories such as shoes, hats or backpacks. The good news is that McDonald’s comitted to used up to 100% of recycled materials for their new packaging by 2020.

mcdonalds_packaging_2016 (4)Mcdonalds-2016-Global-Packaging-Rebrand_dezeen_936_2Mcdonalds-2016-Global-Packaging-Rebrand_dezeen_936_5Mcdonalds-2016-Global-Packaging-Rebrand_dezeen_936_6Mcdonalds-2016-Global-Packaging-Rebrand_dezeen_936_sqbMcdonalds-2016-Global-Packaging-Rebrand_dezeen_1568_2

And if you want to have a look at McDonald’s packagings through the years, click here!



Twelfth-night pancakes

We are recovering from our gargantuan orgy of food of all kinds during Christmas and Christmas Eve, when we go again with the Twelfth-night pancakes ! But it’s so good, right?

The spatial pancake


Christophe Michalak’s galette allies an almond cream with a mandarin marmelade, in which we’ll find a lucky charm in the form of a…spaceship!
How much: 45€ (6/8 persons)
Where: 16 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris

The citrus pancake


A pancake like a rice pudding garnished with candied citrus fruits, Pierre Hermé is always original!
How much: 37€ (3/4 persons) and 58€ (6/8 persons)
Where: Online and in shops

The girly oneGalette-des-rois-Les-Fees-Patissieres

Inspired by Donkey Skin’s fairy tale, the Fées Patissières‘s galette contains sugared almonds and above all, a beautiful ring Eternamé! But it’s like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, you have to get lucky to get it!
How much: 18€ (4 persons) and 34€ (8 persons)
Where: 21 Rue Rambuteau, 75004 Paris

The gluten freegalette-des-rois-poilane

The Poilâne pancake innovates with buckwheat flour, apple compote and chocolate!
How much: from 14,90€
Where: exclusively in boutiques

La plus originalegalette-des-rois-peninsula

The chef Julien Alvarez at the Peninsula hotel thought of his childhood to create this wild blackberry and pink praline pancake.
How much: 12€ the plate or 39€ the whole pancake to go
Where : Peninsula Hotel

The tasty one

7An almond cream filled with a rich salty caramel, tested and approved! La renversante de Dominique Saibron
How much: from 3,30€ a piece to 43,50€ for 10/12 persons
Where: 77, avenue du Général Leclerc 75014 Paris

The movie star

galette-des-rois-hugo-et-victorAt Hugo et Victor, the pancake was created by Catherine Deneuve and dresses up with caramelized nuts.
How much: 48 euros (6/8 persons)
Where: in the shops Hugo & Victor