My favorite Christmas logs

These Christmas logs are so pretty aren’t they? Here are my favorites of this year:

1. La Maison du Chocolat (Nicolas Cloiseau)
A modernist construction of 17 chocolate plates, pomegranate mousse, Viennese biscuit with rolled cocoa of passion-mango-lime marmalade with a heart of lychee compote and pieces of fruit, on a crunchy praline almond-hazelnut-crêpe lace and hazelnut biscuit with lime.
95 € (6/8 persons)

2. Jean-Paul Hévin
A handbag made of dark chocolate biscuit, black chocolate mousse from Venezuela and crunchy black chocolate streusel.
39 € (7 persons)

3. Yann Couvreur
How beautiful are these foxes! They run on a chocolate biscuit, creamy vanilla, meringue, cream of chestnut and candied chestnuts.
90€ (8 persons)

4. Prince de Galles (Stéphanie Le Quellec et Nicolas Paciello)
A monolith made of gluten-free biscuit with buckwheat flour, chocolate mousse 70%, chocolate cream 70% and praliné Gianduja. The chocolate shell is sprinkled with roasted buckwheat seeds.

1. Le Bristol (Laurent Jeannin)
Stalactites in white chocolate icing, coconut mousse, almond dacquoise, grapefruit confit, fresh grapefruit inserts.
120€ (8 persons)

2. Thieret
Crystals in hazelnut mousse, kalamansi cream, dacquoise, hazelnut cream on a feuilletine hazelnut praline with hazelnut chips.
15,90€ (8 persons)

3. Peninsula Paris (Antony Terrone)
An aerial cloud: a creamy milk chocolate mousse, a caramelized hazelnut biscuit, a clementine-flavored pear confit with a crunch of salty dark chocolate, all surmounted by a plane – a replica of the real biplane ” L’Oiseau Blanc “, made in chocolate with a hazelnut praline.
120€ (8 persons)

4. Picard
A majestic owl in vanilla and caramel mousse with chocolate chips, creamy caramel, crunchy milk chocolate – almond – hazelnut, and cocoa – hazelnut biscuit.
18€ (6-8 persons)

5. Des gateaux et du pain (Claire Damon)
Soft biscuit, creamy caramel cream with vanilla and fleur de sel of Batz, light mousse with caramel, crunchy almond and soft tonka bean caramel tonka.
42€ (4/6 persons)

1. Haagen Dazs par Jaime Hayon
One of my favorite designers signs this decadent teddy bear made of Almond Panna Cotta ice cream and Honey Walnut & Cream, resting on a dacquoise cookie with calissons and orange blossom, caramel sauce with salted butter and roasted almonds, and exotic coulis heart.
59€ (10-12 persons)

2. Bernard Loiseau
Inspired by the rooftops of Burgundy, this cottage hides a blackcurrant mousse, light chocolate mousse with gingerbread spice, Madagascar chocolate mousse on a base of homemade gingerbread.
65€ (6-8 persons)

3. Christophe Michalak
We embark on a soft biscuit pecan nuts, aerial mousse in maple syrup, confit raspberry-blueberry.
98€ (8 persons)

4. Pierre Hermé
Stars in the eyes with a crunchy shortbread with chestnut flour, sweet chestnut biscuit, pear compote, chestnut cream.
48€ (4-6 persons)

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