My favorite gluten free products

You already know that I stopped eating gluten – or at least greatly reduced my consumption of it – for some time now, and I feel much better. Obviously, marketing is on the loose and more and more gluten-free products are appearing in organic shops and even supermarkets. Unfortunately, they are often more expensive than “normal” products. And beware, gluten free does not necessarily mean that they are organic, healthy, and free of additives or…palm oil! I made you a selection of my favorite products. Feel free to share yours by commenting!

By the way, you can now find all my gluten free recipes by clicking right here!

1. Lizi’s
This English brand has a delicious gluten free granola.

2. Evernat
This organic brand has a few gluten free products like mueslis or biscuits, as well as energetic bars.

3. Marks & Spencer 
The English brand proposes a new gluten free collection of products. I’ve tested their flour which is quite cool to make cakes and tarts. They also have different types of cakes and breads, but I think that they might contain palm oil…

4. Schar 
Schar is the leader of gluten-free products. I like their bread, their puff pastry, but what I like the most is their chocolate cookies Tendres Choco, they have a slightly mealy texture because of the rice flour but they are really good and replace your usual chocolate cookies.

5. Nu3
Nu3 is a great site offering a very large selection of products without conservatives, vegan, etc. You can for example find chia seeds, maca powder, quinoa,…The site also offers great natural beauty products.

6. Generous
On top of their great packaging which I love, Generous biscuits are probably the better gluten free biscuits I’ve tasted so far. Each character has its own taste, my favorite is Céline Citron!

7. Charles Vignon
This crunchy almond-vanilla  muesli has the advantage of being organic, without any palm oil, and moreover excellent!



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