Ethical coffee, the biodegradable capsule

The COP21 just ended and I wanted to tell you about a product which I discovered recently and might interest you if you are consumer of coffee. More than 8 billion of capsules per year are sold worldwide, half for Nespresso…that’s more than 40,000 tons of annual waste! While Nespresso has established a subsidiary for recycling their aluminum caps, remains somewhat a significant environmental concern. This is why Jean-Paul Gaillard, former CEO of Nespresso, has decided to launch his own company in 2008. After years of research and legal battles, he was able to develop and commercialize fully biodegradable coffee capsules compatible with the famous Nespresso machines. Capsules are environmentally friendly, from the ethical planting to the capsule made of corn starch and vegetable fibers, and declined in several varieties, some are even labeled organic. Simply place the capsules in your compost (in Switzerland it is very common, everyone was in one in their kitchen, France is really behind in terms of recycling!) and they will decompose in six months time.

Where: in supermarkets or online

How much: from 2,99 to 3,79€ for a pack of 10



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