Some time ago, I was invited to discover Kialatok cooking classes, where one can discover world cuisines and cultures, from Brazil to China or the Ivory Coast. During the workshop, you can lear to cook for example Chinese New Year specialties like dim sums, these famous ravioli stuffed with shrimp and bamboo shoots, or pork, leek and ginger, a real treat. You can also get familiar with the main products of Chinese cuisine, or also perfect yourself with the ravioli folding technique, which is not the most easy to master! The workshops are led by passionate cooks from different cultures, such as Margot Zhang, author of the blog of a Recettes d’une Chinoise. A true gastronomic journey in Paris!

Kialatok-1.jpg_effected Kialatok-2.jpg_effected Kialatok-3.jpg_effected Kialatok-4.jpg_effected Kialatok-5.jpg_effected Kialatok-7.jpg_effected Kialatok-8.jpg_effected       

How much : from 44 to 69 euros
How long : about 3 hours
When : The calendar is availables on Kialatok
Where :
74 Rue Philippe de Girard
75018 Paris


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