Clouds, because they are intangible, have always fascinated me. Their perception and representation over the centuries is also captivating. If in ancient times they were considered the smoke of the sea, in the Middle Ages, they represent the veil of God, a mystical veil that could reveal heaven with lightning bolts. It is from the thirteenth century that the cloud began to be seen not as an object but as a material made ​​of water and air. It was also a source of inspiration for the following centuries with the romantic and baroque periods. Although it remained associated with the sacred vision for a long time, Claude Monet and more recently,  Olafur Eliasson used scientific evidence to represent it in their works.
Claude Monet, 1872
Les cookies de Griottes pour Decor 8
Les Macarons de Carnets Parisiens
Marshmallows Sweetapolita
Les cookies de Nikole Herriott
Les ice cream clouds de Nikole Herriott illustrés par Melinda Josie
Le nouveau dessert glacé HäagenDazs designé par le collectif suédois Front
Lampe Mama Cloud de Frank Gerhy – Belux
Module Cloud de Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec – Kvadrat
Mobile / Chaussettes Monki / Planche Caroline Gomez
Le Pigeon /  Matthew Taylor Wilson 
Coussin nuage Zu / Masking tape Etsy

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