Tawlet – Beirut

I had the chance to give a workshop in Beirut last month, and discovered this vibrant, puzzling, amazing city! Lebanese food is absolutely delicious, I really enjoyed myself eating mini crunchy cucumbers, tabbouleh, eggplants cooked a thousand different ways… I also discovered the “white coffee”, which is actually the essence of orange blossom infused in hot water! I was taken to this very nice organic restaurant, which invites women every week from the mountains to come and cook their specialties. They all come from different backgrounds, that day the chef was Palestinian: sheep tartare, labneh, bean salad, lamb marinated in spices, rice with pine nuts … A gargantuan buffet of organic fresh products from the region, savoury and sweets like seasonal fruits, cakes with honey, pistachio, figs … You can even buy organic products from the region, thyme, sumac, olive oil, and pretty ceramics. 

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