Kunitoraya II

Having worked alongside the Sainte Anne street in Paris for several years, I am starting to know all the Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood. Some are obviously worth seeing more than others, the most authentic, the one where I found the true taste of Japan, is the Kunitoraya (39 rue Saint Anne), my favorite ramen is from Taishoken (40 Saint Anne), the yakiudon at Hokkaido (14 rue Chabanais) and the okonomiyaki (Japanese omelette) at Aki (11 bis rue Saint Anne).

If you feel lost, here’s a quick summary of Japanese noodles, eaten generally in broth (soy or miso), cold summer with a sauce or even fried in a wok:


Ramen: imported from China, they are yellow, wavy, made of wheat flour.

Udon: they are white, thick, and are prepared with wheat flour, mixed with water and salt. 

Soba: they are dark and fairly thin, made of buckwheat flour, sliced ​​by hand (impressive to see, I’ll talk about it soon!).

somen: they’re very thin and white, made of wheat flour, and usually served cold in summer.

shirataki: low in calories, thin and transparent, these gelatinous noodles are made with konjac bulb

harusame: they can be made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, or mung bean starch and look like shirataki  


1 rue Villedo
Paris 75002

All this to tell you about the new Kunitoraya which recently opened, and where you can enjoy delicious udon, served cold with tempura or miso soup. Although the 17 euro lunch menu is quite expensive, the noodles are delicious and the tempuras are refined. Some funny rules found on their website:
1. It is imperative to use chopsticks to eat.
2. It is imperative to eat udon by sipping or sip while eating.
3. A hot meal should be eaten while it is hot.
4. The udon lives! The more time passes, the more it expands and loses its elasticity.


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