Guiro Guiro

A friend asked me the other day what marked me the most in my Japan trip this summer. Of course it’s a difficult question because I have many great souvenirs but I could talk about a special memorable night : our dinner at Guiro Guiro in Kyoto, a Japanese restaurant highly recommended by friends from Paris. The taste, textures and food were so surprising that I don’t even know if I liked or not some of the plates, but what is certain is that it was a great discovery. Here are my scribbles and photos…
Guiro Guiro 
420-7 Nanba-cho, Shimogyoku Nishikiyamachidori Matsubarakudaru
Kyoto – Japon
Tel. 075-343-7070
Prix/Price: environ 4000 ¥
Guilo Guilo
8 Rue Garreau
Paris – France
Tel. 01 42 54 23 92

Prix/Price: 45 €

Marinated mint squash, fried fish bone, marinated watercress sushi
Gurd, marinated miso eel, tomato udon
Shrimp ball, ham, radish, zuchini, ginger and crab marinated noodles, and some other unknown things
Shiso (leaf often served with sushi), swordfih sashimi, fresh wasabi, miso marinated spinach
A fried fish bone!
Young corn with miso pasta and mustard, bacon, and rice vinegar jelly


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