Shouk is one of my favorite places in Paris. I have a particular attachment for Israeli food, having lived 4 years in Tel Aviv during my teenage years. In this spacious bright room with marbled tables, I find all the comforting flavors of this Mediterranean cuisine that I love so much. I can even say with fervor that everything you can taste at Shouk is as good – if not better – than in Israel. The pitas are perfectly soft, whether it’s the surprise of the day or filled with grilled halloumi – my favorite. We do not know what to choose between the naked, melting and deliciously smoked eggplant, beetroot out of the ashes and horseradish yogurt, or the traditional hummus, pickles, zucchini, so we take it all. It’s not only the pleasure of vegetarians, don’t worry, while you sip your lemon mint lemonade you can hesitate between a grilled kebab, chicken skewers, a soft lamb shoulder and finally let yourself be conquered by this perfect grilled octopus. The chef  Yaron Vaknin brilliantly combines French perfection of cooking and the explosion of Mediterranean flavors – a candied lemon here, some fresh mint there. Keep some room for desserts that are to die for, whether it’s the whipped cream cookie with mahleb or the knafé – angel hair and yogurt ice cream, cardamom syrup, and homemade marmalade.

Rue de Lancry 59
75010 Paris

Open for lunch and dinner every day except Monday

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