Tavline, which means “spices” in Hebrew, has just opened its doors in the heart of the Marais. The raw stone walls, the oriental embroidered cushions, and especially the sunny good mood of Karen Benichou form a warm cocoon. In the kitchen, the Israeli chef Kobi Malka – trained at Ducasse – prepares with subtlety delicacies from his country of origin and is also inspired by the recipes of his Moroccan mother. Having lived 4 years in Israel myself fifteen years ago, I was happy to catch on at Tavline these typical generous meals, a true explosion of flavors, spices, soft bread that can be eaten endlessly by dipping them in the chef’s homemade sauces. The sardines are of irreproachable freshness, marinated to perfection; the homemade houmous is a pure delight, just like this cauliflower seasoned with sesame sauce (tahiné) and tomato pulp, the fattouche salad fresh and slightly acidulated. My favorites: the burnt aubergine with smoked paprika melting in mouth, or these soft fish balls (ktsitaot) and their magical sauce, decorated with pomegranate seeds. No more place in my belly to taste desserts that looked irresistible (Lebanese flan with rose water, lemon cream and lavender crumble,…): we will come back without further delay!

25 Rue du Roi de Sicile
75004 Paris

Starters: 6-8 €
Mains: 16-18 €
Desserts: 6-8 €

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