My favorite ceramics Instagram accounts

I ‘ve had a great passion for ceramics for years, and I started taking classes a year ago. It’s much more complicated than I imagined it would be but it’s exciting! You may have already seen some of my pieces on my Facebook page or my Instagram account… I am by the way preparing you a surprise! Meanwhile, here are my favorite Instagram accounts of professional ceramic artists:


When Italy’s taste meets Balinese savoir-faire. Simple and rough pieces, which are highlighting @royalebrat‘s colorful dishes.



Kim is Australian and creates delicate ceramic plates. The lace patterns are quite nice – although not very innovative.



Based in Germany, this shop / gallery offers a nice selection, very minimalistic.



A design studio located in Spain. I’m a big fan of the indigo tie and dye!



Heading to Melbourne for beautiful colors and textures.



I love Jen Collins who has a very unique style. This Canadian ceramic artist is also an illustrator, explaining her lovely imagery.


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