Brunch at Liza’s

I was only just back from Beirut that I was invited to test the brunch at Liza in Paris, and I was not disappointed because it tasted just as good as in Lebanon! Created in 2005 by Liza and Ziad Asseily, this restaurant offers one of the finest Lebanese cuisine in Paris. The place is already by itself a moment out of time, light and relaxing, a successful mix of materials (metal, wood, wicker, stones) warmed by elegant oriental lamps. It’s the work of Maria Ousseimi, who thought the space and found the finest pieces of Lebanese artisans, keeping the spirit of the place originally created by Hubert Fattal.

Now let’s talk about the food of course…The buffet is gargantuan (you can cancel your lunch and dinner after that) and offers a thousand Lebanese flavors and specialties: the timeless hummus, delicious roasted eggplant, falafel – not fat at all, the super healthy fattouche salad, fresh labneh and my favorite, the Jerusalem artichoke salad (secret recipe). The buffet spreads itself for sweets with baklawas, fresh fruits, semolina cakes and Haytalié, the milky custard cream with orange blossom – a pure delight… Everything is super fresh, refined and tasty and we want to spend the day there!

Liza-Brunch-1-About-FooodLiza-Brunch-2-About-FooodLiza-Brunch-3-About-FooodLiza-Brunch-4-About-FooodLiza Paris

14, rue de la Banque

75002 Paris

Métro : Bourse

Ouvert tous les jours sauf le dimanche soir – brunch dimanche  de 12h00 à 15h30

34 euros par personne, 17 euros par enfant de moins de 12 ans

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