In a chic and graphic black and white setting, hidden in a pretty street of the lively St Germain neighborhood, the AG restaurant has just opened its doors. From the first minutes, I was conquered by the impeccable service, and these little appetizers highlighting my appetite, chestnut espuma and foie gras cromesquis. At the head of this new address, Alan Geaam (Auberge Nicolas Flamel), accompanied by a young and passionate team, formed in the most luxurious and famous Parisian palaces, provide a creative and delicious bistro cuisine, with a particular attention to good products (creamy burrata from an Italian craftsman, tender meat from the butcher of Sablière, fresh fish from Renault, tasty vegetables perfectly cooked and seasoned). To end on a sweet note, desserts by Marius Dufay are a delight for the mouth and the eyes, like this amazing chocolate and crispy praline cake, or this yuzu tart and meringue (fabulous!).
2 rue Clément 
Paris 6e  

Lunch menu: 22/28 euros
Dinner menu: 40/ 58 euros

lobster broth, seafood raviolis
burrata, pesto, crunchy greens
pig, vegetables and quinoa
pollock, razor shell, gnocchis and artichokes

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