Bistro Paradis

In the heart of the lively 10th arrondissement, the Bistro Paradis just opened its doors, run by the friendly Yoann Dinh. In the kitchen, the chef Alexandre Furtado, who worked among other with Ducasse in London or at the café Constant in Paris, treats us to amazing meals. His dishes are tinted with delicacy and exotic notes, reminiscence of his Brazilian origins, like this tender salmon with combava, ginger and lemongrass. We also revel in the beef ravioli of the day with their crunchy vegetables, or the roasted quail and its smooth gravy sauce. As for desserts, the seductive Belle -Hélène pear is completely regressive, just like the lemon pie with ginger caramel. 

Bistro Paradis
55 rue de Paradis
75010 Paris

Lunch menu: 23€
Entrées: 11-16€
Mains: 18-29€
Desserts: 7-8€


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