Yummy Advent calendars

Yep, that’s it, we are already starting December…! To wait patiently until the 25th, you can already surprise yourself with a gift a day thanks to these beautiful Advent calendars:
1. For a candy, fruit paste, or chocolate, in this adorable box
Mazet (€ 19.70)
2. For sequin and glossy nails to shine like a diamond
Ciaté (49 €)
3. Everything you need to be pretty
Body Shop (€ 75)
4. To warm up every day with a different tea
Damman Frères (19 €)
5. For hiding anything you want in it
Selfridges (54 €)
6. This magnificent minimalist piece offers hand creams, ingredients, oils,…
Liberty (95 €)
And if you have the time and feel crafty, you can get inspired by those DIY and make those colorful and graphic calendars at home! 

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