I just came back from Scandinavia, and while you wait for my new City Guide category, here is an amazing restaurant I discovered in Firenze this summer. Their specialty : fresh fish and shells, and the homemade pasta! A pure delight. I hope it will give you ideas. I want to make these at home!
Via Ghibellina 67R
50122 Firenze
White beans soup, grilled octopus, shells
Duck carpaccio, celery, parmesan – need to try it at home!
Sea bream carpaccio and nectarines
Seafood salad and breadcrumbs
Red mullet and cuttle fish ink raviolis, tomatoes and shells
Sesame sea bream and vegetables, balsamic oignon purée
Linguine, poutargue, calamars and zucchinis flower blossoms

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