Vegan, a new cookbook

Chef Jean-Christian Jury, a vegan and raw cooking enthusiast, has published his first recipe book inspired by his travels around the world.

Chef of the vegan restaurant La Mano Verde in Berlin, he then left for Los Angeles and traveled around the world to teach vegan cooking. His latest project The Blue Lotus, in Thailand, is a teaching platform with plants, and a way to bring together all vegan chefs around the world.

Among these 450 recipes, you’ll find all kinds of appetizers, main courses and desserts, the great classics of the traditional cuisines of the world being revisited in a vegetable way, from Seychelles to Indonesia through Gabon, Benin, Moldova, New Caledonia, Suriname and Papua New Guinea, without forgetting France, Germany, Italy or England.

Publication: October 2017
Price: 39,95€


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