Le Loti


I was lucky enough to discover Le Loti, the restaurant of the Hotel & Spa La Reserve ***** in Geneva. With its view on the lake and surrounded by a park of several hectares, La Réserve is a cocoon of tranquility right in the city center. Virginie Basselot, young chef rewarded with the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015, has been in command of the restaurant since a few months. Formed among others alongside Eric Fréchon, Guy Martin or Dominique Boucher, former head of St James Paris where she earned her first Michelin star, Virginie offers a refined cuisine, perfectly cooked and seasoned products, and designs dishes with feminity and lightness.

With an infinite delicacy, Virginie thrusts in her Norman origins to create her signature dish, a cod cooked in a butter sauce with lemon balm, on a bed of Japanese pearls; or this tartare of oysters and sea bass decorated with a bed of Sologne caviar. The plates are dressed so subtlety that we barely dare touching them.

One also understands the passion of a quest for an authentic product, when Virginie speaks to us of her encounters with the producers of the surroundings (fera fish from the Lac Leman, lamb of Vessy): “it is simply impossible in Paris” she exclaims. “Here, we can meet in less than 1 hour breeders or farmers, and with word of mouth one can continue on other beautiful encounters.”

Cromesquis of cod / asparagus mousse and grilled almond / tartlet of peas and truffles

Tartar of razor shell and salmon, so fresh

Caviar of Sologne / Tartar of bar and oyster / Lemon cream / Oyster leaf and flower of borage, a gallant rendez-vous with the sea

Mousseline and Bavarian Asparagus / Duck Breast Dice / Asparagus / Basil Emulsion and Espelette Pepper, all in elegance

Lamb of Vessy and its meat sauce / garlic cromesquis (like a candied garlic that explodes in the mouth) / bean purée

Rhubarb and hibiscus, a clever acidity and texture mix

like a tonka bean sculpture

to finish perfectly with apple and celery, surrounded by a thin shell of white chocolate

Virginie Basselot

Lunch – Monday to Friday
Dinner – Monday to Saturday
Brunch – every Sunday

Lunch menu: 65.-
Carte Blanche menu: 148.-
Entrées: from 30 to 60.- / Mains: from 44 to 138.- / Desserts: 18.-

La Réserve Genève Hotel, Spa & Villas
Route de Lausanne 301,
1293 Bellevue, Suisse

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