Mother’s Day’s wishlist

If we might think that Mother’s Day is another marketing invention to fill the pockets of florists, jewelers and other shops, it is actually a tradition that dates back to ancient Greece, during which people celebrated Rhea, the mother of all gods. Even the Romans celebrated mothers and women in the Vth century BC! In France, it was Napoleon who decided to establish Mother’s Day but it is Marshal Petain who formalized it in the the calendar in 1941, so here’s for the story! However France is the only country to celebrate it on the last Sunday of May whereas the US celebrates it on the second Sunday of the month, like most of the rest of the world. But why is that might you say? Well simply because that Sunday is officially reserved to celebrate Jeanne D’Arc. Okay, now let’s get serious… here is my selection of treats and other gifts that will delight your moms.


1. Roiboos and raspberry cake – Hugo & Victor

2. Rolling pin – Anthropologie

3. Glove – Liberty

4. Apron – La cerise sur le gâteau au Bon Marché

5. Thermos – Urban Outfitters

6. Box Blossom – La Thé Box

7. Lovely cake – Lenôtre


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