Copper Christmas

I love copper! I will soon show you a DIY that I did in my kitchen… Here are the latest trends for a festive copper-coloured Christmas. I wish I could give you lots of good recipes for this end of year but I was so overwhelmed that I have not had time to prepare anything… You will soon be able to see that the blog will get a big graphic renewal, a new and fresh look that I can not wait to introduce you to! As for me, I surely will cook typical Polish bortsch, beetroot soup eaten at Christmas. I recently tested a version that allows the use of cooked beets, because raw beets are so hard to find! I will display it very soon…

1. Twine – I Love Kutchi (7€)
2. Kettle – March (350$)
3.  Cake stand – H&M Home (7,99€)
4. Lamp – Factory Chic (99€)
5. Decorative copper deer antlers – Cox and Cox (50€)


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