Peaches and verbena iced tea

The heat is coming back, and what is more refreshing than a homemade iced tea? I spent a few days in the south of France where peaches were godesses, and verbena was growing in the garden. So I made this:
The Ingredients
– 4 peaches
– 3 tablespoons sugar
– Fresh or dried verbena (you can also use green, mint or black tea depending on your taste)
– 1 bunch of fresh mint
– 1 lemon
The Recipe
  1. Cut the peaches into wedges, sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice, mash with a fork and let marinate in the refrigerator an hour.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare a big liter of tea with verbena, let it cool.
  3. Add the peaches to the tea with the mint and store it in the fridge for several hours.

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