Au Passage

Not to be confused with Le Passage (which incidentally has changed owner, not as cool as before!), or other restaurants of the same name, Au Passage is an old troquet with a more than friendly atmosphere, hidden in an alley in the 11th. In the kitchen, Australian and English chefs (formerly cute looking tattooed James Henry has been replaced by Shaun Kelly of Saturne) who create Frenchy tapas. An amazing broth flavored with smoked eel, wonderfully seasoned radish razor clams, almond mint and yogurt wheat salad, I leave sated and conquered. The downside, if you eat late, they may miss certain dishes or desserts. It seems they have opened a new HQ, Bones, I am running there with my eyes closed!
Au Passage
1 bis, passage Saint-Sébastien
Paris (75011)

Menu 13,50-19,50 € (lunch) / carte 20-30 € (dinner)


oeuf mollet / brandade
bouillon d’anguille fumée / radis
couteaux / clams / escargots
cannette / pomme / chou rouge
salade de blé / yaourt / menthe / amandes
cochon / moutarde et salade / salata

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