I am sometimes asked if I know restaurants in the district of Les Halles, and it is true that this is not my favorite area because I often find restaurants a little expensive and touristy; although I have been working in this area for a few years, I do not hang out there for dinner. Now that I have discovered Margus, I have good reasons to go there on a regular basis! In this pretty Parisian bistro, Colombian specialties are revisited by chef Tomàs Rueda, found in Colombia by brothers Juan (co-founder of SOMA) and Alexandre Quillet.

The (small) card offers tacos, and plates to be shared, all equally delicious. The fried sweet potato is crazy, melting inside, crispy on the outside, and goes perfectly with their lime mayonnaise. I was not so keen on the octopus tacos, which was a bit too salty, but rather on the grilled fennel with ricotta, watercress and pine nuts. This ceviche, which was probably one of the best I’ve ever tasted in Paris (and elsewhere), saw sea bream and cockles make the astonishing meeting of yellow mirabelles, all seasoned to the perfection by a well acidulated and spicy sauce with lime and pimiento.

1 rue des Prouvaires
75001 Paris

Lunch – bowls at 16 euros
Dinner – tapas from 4 to 15 euros / desserts 8 euros
Tacos – from 4 to 7 euros

Tuesday until Saturday – 12:00-2:30pm / 7:30-11:00pm

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