At the edge of the cheerful Canal St Martin, we slip into Ima (“mum” in Hebrew), made of bricks and oriental ceramic walls. Ima was created by Joe Eliott (Cream), Mikael Attar and Jérémy Attuil (The Sunken Chip), a winning trio of the Gallina restaurant, next door. Let’s add chef Victoria Werlé to the place and we get beautiful vegetarian plates with sweet spices (12,5€ for a small or 15,5€ for a big plate), some colorful dips and pita, a shakshuka prepared by the minute (10,5€) and other healthy treats like homemade granola or tapioca bowl. Every weekend, I dream of their pancakes – to die for – stuffed with ricotta, covered with fresh fruit and date syrup (10€).

39 Quai de Valmy
75010 Paris

Every day from 10am until 5pm

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