La Cantine du Badaboum

You probably already know the Badaboom club for its lively dancefloor, but did you know that you could also have lunch there? In the kitchen, you’ll find my friend Walid. After working at the Stafford Hotel in London and the Bristol in Paris – from which he kept his precision and virtuous seasonings – Walid Sahed took his first place as a chef at only 23 in a small bistro in the 6th arrondissement, La Sieste, then went on traveling around the world. He stopped in Melbourne for some time at the Vue de Monde, created by a former sous chef from Noma, and when he returned filled with exotic tastes, he was asked to develop the full food service of the Badaboum. Walid creates a cuisine that I am fond of: free, simple and lively; fresh and well chosen products, comforting and creative dishes, filled with a childhood nostalgia.
The menu is absolutely unbeatable: 15 € for an entry-main-dessert and it it to die for. Clams teasing crispy potatoes, a fragrant broth with seaweed hiding fresh peas and pink radish, or a tomato salad – perfection – with its pinch of olive oil smelling like the sun and its lively lemon zest. Let’s continue with the beef bourguignon, melting in mouth, and ending with this delightful and regressive dessert, apple caramel and toasted almonds.
I wish this was my daily canteen!
La Cantine du Badaboum
2 rue des Taillandiers
75011 Paris
open from Tuesday until Friday – from 12:00 to 3:00pm
To go or to stay
At night, you’ll find fast-good plates like fish and chips, croque-monsieur, cheeseburger,…
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