Dried prunes smoothie bowl


I created this recipe smoothie bowl for the Pruneau d’Agen. You probably already know that dried prunes are an excellent source of fiber, but it is also filled with antioxidants , minerals and vitamins !

Ingredients (for 1 bowl)
smoothie base
– 1 banana
– 6 strawberries
– 1/4 glass of prune juice
– 2 or 3 dried prunes

for decoration
– seasonal fruits (blueberries, raspberries, …)
– coconut shavings
– grains and seeds (roasted buckwheat, chia seeds, roasted squash seeds, granola,…)

The Recipe

1. Mix all fruits with prune juice. You can even previously put bananas in the freezer for a very creamy and iced texture!

2. In a bowl, place the smoothie, and decorate with fruits and seeds as you wish.

According to the prune juice that you find you can put in more or less prunes. Some juices are very dense and strong in taste so just add little or no prunes at all, depends on your taste!
Dried prunes go well with many other fruits too, if you want to do other smoothie base (pear, peach, fig, kiwi, berries, …)

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