Yann Couvreur opens his pastry shop

Goncourt metro statin, Parmentier avenue. It is at the heart of this lively neighborhood that Yann Couvreur – pastry chef of the Prince de Galles palace – decided to open his own pastry shop. Light wood, hanging plants, pretty waitresses in leather aprons, here is the attention paid to every detail, to refined packaging decorated with copper-highlights-foxes reminding us of the chef’s hair color. Pastries are made with Pamplie salted butter, plated desserts are prepared by the minute, éclairs are fille with mocha and anise, and the “Wonderful” praline cakes lives up to his name. My heart thrills, my taste buds quiver. My favorite is definitely the raspberry tart with its surprising tarragon cream, a perfect mix of acidity and crispness of the exquisite pastry.

137 avenue Parmentier
75010 Paris

When : Tuesday-Sunday from 8pm til 7pm / 8pm Thursday-Saturday

How much : 6€ éclair / 10€ desserts / 26€ entremet / 9€ breakfast / 6,50€ chocolate

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