Saveurs sauvages

I had the chance to eat at great restaurants several times but the culinary experience that marked me the most was the one of an unusual restaurant, beyond time and borders, lost in the depths of Gruyère in Switzerland. It was the story of Judith Baumann, a unique and innovative chef – named chef of the year in 1998 in Switzerland – who cooked with vegetables and flowers from her garden, with all her pickings from surrounding forest (berries, fruits, mushrooms, plants,…), and with products from her region. But that was before because La Pinte des Mossettes was taken over by another team in 2011. Today, Judith continues to share her passion for cooking by giving classes in her charming chalet lost in the mountains. The workshop is available on 3 seasons, summer, spring and fall. Although my photos might evoke fall, we were in the middle of August, under the rain and fog! In the morning, we head to the kitchen. Immersed in the universe of Judith and surrounded by her stunning collection of bones, we prepare thin waffles for a raw beet gazpacho, we sublime mini bruschetta with elderberries and borage flowers, or prepare brown stuffed quail ballotines with buckwheat and wild blueberries. After the lunch, we head to the forest in search of berries, flowers and edible leaves with a professional picker. We taste everything: alchemilla, Common Hogweed, ground elder, meadowsweet, euphrasia, burnet; and fill our baskets with wild blueberries and swamp cranberries. MAGICAL!

Les Saveurs Sauvages
Les Pelley d’Amont
1654 Cerniat



confection des briceletsSaveurs-Sauvages-9Saveurs-Sauvages-10Saveurs-Sauvages-11

gaspacho de betterave crue, carotte pourpre, chèvre, fleur de betterave, bricelet, framboise, fleur de bourrache, poudre d’oliveSaveurs-Sauvages-12Saveurs-Sauvages-13

caille farcie au sarrasin et myrtille, asperule odorante, plantain à cerfs…comme un caillou dans sa forêtSaveurs-Sauvages-14

vacherin glacé, sorbet mûre et cassis, mûres sauvagesSaveurs-Sauvages-16Saveurs-Sauvages-15

ma récolte de myrtilles

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