Fresh ice-cream

It’s hot, hot, hot, wherever you are in France (and probably elsewhere) we are dripping, sweating, swimming, hiding in the fridge or in front of ventilos. To cool off a bit, here are some ideas of refreshing ice-cream!

Ice Roll

What: an ice cream shaped in rolls , prepared in front of you!

Where: La Javelle, Port de Javel Bas – 75015 Paris

Every Sunday from 12:30 to 7:30 p.m.

How much: € 4


Les éclairs glacés

What: The éclair ice-cream is available in several tastes, with its playful packaging. We love the pecan vanilla : Madagascar vanilla ice cream, almond praline with chocolate frosting and caramelized pecan nuts.

Where: Eclair de Génie

32 rue Notre Dame des Victoires – 75002 Paris

14 rue Pavée – 75004 Paris

13 rue de l’Ancienne Comedie – 75006 Paris

How much: € 6.50



What: The oldest traditional glacier from Paris (since 1947) offers sorbets and ice-creams – rather classic but delicious – either cones to take-away or huge iced desserts to eat in their shop. Special mention to the lemon-basil sorbet, almond syrup-almond milk and three spices ice-creams.

Where: 63 boulevard Reuilly – 75012 Paris

every day from 10:30 to 22:00

or on their e-shop

How much: double scoop for 5 €


La Martinière

What: On the Ile de Ré, since 1970, La Martinière declines incredible scents like oyster-caviar, camembert-cherry or viagra ?! Sorbets have also associations that makes you want to just stay there forever: strawberry-combawa, coconut-pineapple-hibiscus or jasmine-nectarine, all in super pretty packaging.

Where: 17 quai de La Poithevinière – 17 410 St Martin de Ré

From 10:30 to 22:00

How much: double scoop for € 3.40


La Fabrique givrée

What: I discovered one of the 3 accomplices behind the project (Hugues, Martin and Jeremie Runel , the finalist of “Who will be the next great pastry chef?”) at the Omnivore festival. Their credo: search for the best products of the season, and collaborate with farmers in their region. Their website is as beautiful and original as their creations. Completely frosted !

Where: 3 Place de l’ Hôtel de Ville – 07200 Aubenas

and 27 place des Herbes – 30700 Uzes

From 11 am to 22:00

How much: from 2 to 8 € for ice cream / 6.50 to 16.50 € for inventive sundaes



What: Ice creams (Coffee, Caramel, Pistachio, Rose, Vanilla, Nuts) and sorbets (Chocolat Guanaja, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry) with a macaron on the top!

Where: 16 rue Royale – 75008 Paris
75 avenue des Champs-Elysées – 75008 Paris
21 rue Bonaparte – 75006 Paris




  • Comment avoir envie de glace à même pas 11H?
    Lire cet article évidemment :p

  • Dana says:

    Wow, j´adore le blog. Bien fait!

  • Benny, Tatianna, Moses says:

    Nous aimons votre blog. Donc nous faisions un blog analyse et votre blog était le meilleur blog là-haut pour mon groupe. Vous avez touché presque tout des sujets que nous aimons tel que la nourriture et le design. Non seulement que vous avez donné des recommandations, mais vous avez aussi montré des recettes, dans nos yeux, qui ont nous encouragent d´explorer les nouveaux saveurs. Si jamais nous allons à Paris, nous irions voir quelques-uns de tes café-glaciers car les photos sont magnifiques.

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