Pomegranate smoothie


So what should we put in this love potion for Valentine’s Day?

Ginger for its aphrodisiac side … and for a touch of red, the color of love, let’s use pomegranate course, a symbol of fertility and…sexuality! In addition, it is full of vitamin C.

The Ingredients

– 1 piece of ginger
– 2 very sweet pomegranates
– 1 or 2 apples
– 1/2 lemon

The Recipe

With a juice extractor:

1. Remove the seeds of the pomegranate, and place them in the juicer with apples and ginger.
2. Add the lemon juice in a glass and mix well.

Without the juice extractor:

1. Cut the pomegranate in half. Press it with a lemon squeezer, and take the juice out with the help of a strainer.
2. Press the piece of ginger to extract the juice, and mix it with a good apple juice and lemon juice.

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