Epiphany 2015

Some pastry chefs use twice as much imagination this year for the Epiphany, with new shapes and recipes. Here are my favorites…


What: Chef Yann Brys imagined a labyrinth cake for La Jeune Rue, based on almonds and hazelnut cream, oranges and lemons zests, filled with mandarin marmalade and candied orange cubes.
How much: 24 € for 4 persons / 32 € for 6 persons
Where: on order only (commandegalette@lajeunerue.com)


What: Let’s continue with tangy flavors with this lemon zest frangipane filled with poppy seeds, all decorated with golden angels wings.
How much: 36 € for 6 persons


What: Christophe Michalak reinterprets the famous galette with this caramelized filo pastry with tangerine flavors, saffron and rose, in which hides a jewel. No more crown, a superhero mask instead!
How much: 45 € for 6-8 persons
What: Oh, an éclair! Garnished with a caramel frangipane and covered with caramelized puff, it is signed by Christophe Adam course!
How much: 5 € for the eclair
What: This lovely star-shaped cake is simply filled with almond cream and sprinkled with gold dust.
How much: 30,50 € for 8 persons
What: An original rectangular and wavy shape, a reversed crispy pastry, garnished with a frangipane with orange zest and a chocolate biscuit.
How much: 40 € for 6 persons
Where: A l’hôtel Le Burgundy
What: A beautiful sponge cake betting everything on the almond: almond sponge cake, almond praline cream, whipped cream and toasted, sliced and caramelized almonds!
How much: 24 € for 4-6 persons / 36 € for 8-10 persons
Where : Ciel


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