Japanese designer Nendo was elected designer of the year by Maison & Object, and created for the occasion a series of incredible chocolates. He explored the shape of chocolate through 9 different textures of the same size, 26 x 26 x 26 mm. Each texture and shape (hollow, pointed tips, cube,…) gives a different taste. These chocolates can be tasted and purchased at Maison & Object (Hall 8 F1-G2) in a lounge designed by Nendo, resembling a chocolate forest.
Each chocolate is directly named after Japanese expressions used to describe texture:
1. “tubu-tubu”: chunks of smaller chocolate drops
2. “sube-sube”: smooth edges and corners
3. “zara-zara”: granular like a file
4. “toge-toge”: sharp pointed tips
5. “goro-goro”: fourteen connected small cubes
6. “fuwa-fuwa”: soft and airy with many tiny holes
7. “poki-poki”: a cube frame made of chocolate sticks
8. “suka-suka”: a hollow cube with thin walls.
9. “zaku-zaku”: alternately placed thin chocolate rods forming a cube
photos by Akihiro Yoshida

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