The Virtual Coffee

A few days ago I was invited to discover Le Laboratoire, a creation and exhibition space created in 2007, at the frontiers of science and design. I had already talked about his creator David Edwards  Harvard professor, who presented their latest product, LeRe, fully biodegradable and natural, which can either be plugged with a chocolate capsule containing coffee, or an espresso capsule, all to be inhaled in order to get a “shot” of coffee.
We took the opportunity to visit the exhibition The Virtual Coffee which runs until September 15 and offers a multisensorial experiment over coffee: notes to smell created by Olivier Pescheux (big parfumer from Givaudan who created amongst others Higher Dior, 1 Million and some Dytpique perfumes), a “bang” from which you can suck up coffee smoke, or taste the filtered siphon coffee from Coutume. Listen, smell, taste, it even ends up by discovering the new concept of Ophone, a device used to send olfactory messages (imagine you’re eating a lemon pie at your mum’s, well you could – a day perhaps – send this smell to your friends across the world!).

Fri – Sat – Sun – Mon : 12h – 19h 
4, Rue du Bouloi

75001 Paris

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