Le Sancerre – do not go there

Until now I had always wondered if there was place on this blog for rants. I preferred to spend my time sharing tips, places that had touched me, overwhelmed me. But when I set foot in this bistro of the Pigalle district the other night, I was so itch that I finally decided to have a go at it. Needless to say, I’m not a food critic, I am just writing here my humble opinion of  a flout client.

Let’s go back to that establishment called Le Sancerre – rather pleasant of appearance – in rue des Abbesses. I will not spread about the poor quality of service, inefficient and unfriendly to be (what qualifies many Parisian establishments actually – well the touristic ones). Let’s start by talking about this Caesar salad. The Caesar salad and its croutons, no sorry, bits of stale bread (imagine the face of all three people who crunched in there at the same time), the lettuce in bags, the fake chicken “ham”, the no-taste tomatoes, parmesan (parmesan? really?) and three drops of unnamed white sauce. It sets the tone. But let’s continue with the croque-monsieur. Have you ever had the honor to enjoy the croque-monsieur in a French (train) TGV? Can you materialize it well, with its old burnt toast, and hard cheese from another space-time? Well there it was the same. Maybe they have the same frozen goods suppliers? Let’s finish with the cheese and ham platter. For 16€. With industrial brie. We are standin in front of a cheese shop for god’s sake. Well, I was ashamed for the Canadians who ate next to us. Ashamed for my country called gastronomic. Ashamed of myself for getting caught in this tourist-trap… Hope you won’t either!


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