44 rue d’Argout
75002 Paris
I work right next to this restaurant, and after many attempts doomed to failure, I finally tested the new famous burger place.
The atmosphere is pleasant, graphic, black-and-white, although you can feel a little stuck on those small wooden stools. But let’s talk about the menu. Because when you say burger, it means meat. And even though the meat is prepared by the “bohemian” butcher Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec, well my steak was not very rare, nor rare, but very well cooked, what a blasphemy! Despite this unforgivable mistake, the fries were tasty, the ketchup nice, and the home-cooked buns soft as one wishes. A lot of people had warned me about the small birdy portions, but I was quite satisfied with the quantities (and you know I have an hippopotamus appetite) ; I couldn’t eveb try the desserts which looked good.

Menu hamburger + fries + drink : 15 euros

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