It had been some time that this restaurant intrigued me, and what was my pleasure to discover the evening of my birthday a few days ago, that I was going there! Seasonal products, simple but worked carefully and accurately, perfect cooking, incredible herbs, explosive flavors and exquisite seasonings. I am always disappointed by the desserts, but I was surprised by the goat sorbet with berries and tarragon, a pure delight.
The young chef Sven Chartier, worked with Alain Passard at L’Arpege, at Hegia with Arnaud Daguin, and also at Racines. He is a native of Périgord and traveled in Asia. The place is at the image of his 
Swedish grandparents: light wood, concrete lamps and neat black dishes.
17 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
75002 Paris
Menus ⎯ 37-59 €

Amuse-bouche de radis / lapin croustillant / ou comment revisiter le maki
Anguille fumée / poireaux crayon / herbes de livèche / fenouil brun
Seiche et son encre / pois / feuilles d’amarante
Homard bleu /  haricots / fleurs de salsifis
Poulette / légumes du jardin
Faisselle / sorbet de chèvre / fruits rouges / estragon / comme une constellation!
Constellation de Persée
Glace au foin / profiterole de chocolat noir


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